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$ 49.95 USD
All we can say is WOW... Perry Maynard has done it again with his new close-up miracle CHAINED... Everyone who has seen this can't believe what is happening right in front of their eyes... With CHAINED you will have the ability to make a coin (US half dollar) penetrate right through a solid neck chain. But wait, the effect does not stop there. After the coin has penetrated off the chain and the coin has been fully examined by the spectator, you then make the coin magically go right back on to the neck chain. This is truly an astonishing effect to perform and to be seen close up. Come complete with: 36" stainless steel neck chain Coin (US half dollar) All necessary gimmicks A downloadable instructional tutorial that will teach you all four phrases of the routine by creator Perry Maynard. EASY TO DO MASTER IN MINUTES COIN AND CHAIN CAN BE FULLY EXAMINED This is a great effect for close up and walk around magic. Seeing this little gem in action looks like real magic.
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